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Resources For Men (Single & Married)

We believe it takes healthy men (physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual) to be great husbands & fathers. This is why we provide one on one support to men. For more info on how to get man to man support, contact moMENtum Coaching with Al Perez. (805) 312-0216 or
– Inner Healing Workshops
– Life Coaching for Men
– Sexual Integrity Program
– Business Coaching
– Financial Coaching

Resources For Women

We believe it takes healthy women (mentally, emotionally, spiritually) to be great wives. This is why we provide periodic women’s education events to support you. Check our events page for details on an upcoming women’s event.

– Inner Healing (Soul Care) Workshops

– Life Coaching for Women

– Partnership with The Soul Care Coach for women’s workshops


Statistics tell us that 65-70% of couples argue about money. They also tell us that approx. 1/2 of all divorce cases have a strong financial component as a cause. Being on the same page with your spouse in this area can have huge benefits to your marriage. That’s why our counseling center puts a priority on providing services to help guide couples in this area.
No matter where you are in your relationship with money, we have a resource that can help you grow into the money-managers that God wants you to be. Designed to encourage you in your next stewardship steps, we offer financial classes, seminars, and individual coaching. We address topics like budgeting, saving, debt, investing, giving, estate planning, relating about money, and other financial topics. Our goal is that husbands and wives would come together to manage their finances God’s way.

– Finance Coaching & debt reduction                                                                                                                                                  – Financial Peace University Classes