About Us

Our Founders


Hi, we’re Al & Leticia Perez.  We’re just an ordinary couple with an extraordinary God who’s done some amazing things in our lives.  One thing He did after He healed our broken marriage in the late 90’s is that He gave us a burning desire to help other couples live out the incredible marriage God intended when He brought us together.  For years, we’ve put ourselves in a position to learn from God’s Word and mentors what really makes a marriage thrive.  We literally would walk up to older couples we saw were radically in love and ask them to mentor & teach us.  Today, we enjoy a teenager’s love we never could have imagined when we walked down the aisle in 1986. 

Divorce was not an option.

That was the decision we made during the darkest year of our marriage. The year was 1994, and we had reached the “fight or flight” crossroads. As difficult as it was, we chose to fight for our marriage. We didn’t know how things would get better but we vowed to keep working at it, get counseling and not give up. Over the next few years, God healed our marriage and gave us hope for our future. Never did we think that 10 years later He would start using us to mentor, counsel, and speak into the lives of other couples like He has. Now 20 years later, God has given us the huge vision for MarriageWell: to give marriages–new, old, and yet to be–the tools to flourish and grow. We aim to honor marriage and be a deep well of resources for couples. Just like any great marriage, the story of MarriageWell has many chapters to come, but our hope and prayer is that they hold many tales of redemption, grace, and love for couples across Ventura County and beyond.  

We hope you’ll join us on the journey to change the culture of marriage.

~ Al & Leticia Perez

The MarriageWell Vision

 In April of 2014, while spending lots of quiet time in our courtyard asking God “what’s next for Leticia & I”, He began to download the very detailed vision for MarriageWell. It came fast & detailed and as I asked Him to show me the BIG picture, he obliged till it was overwhelming.  Over the next few weeks I wrote everything down as I saw it – like a divine road map.  As I shared it all with my wife and exclaimed “we can’t do all this”, she had only two words to say “BUT GOD”…. HE can
MarriageWell is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and our mission is to provide support, resources, activities and learning opportunities for couples to achieve excellence, intimacy, and FUN in their marriages.
Fed tax ID – 47-3258890
Marriage Coaching Center
  • Pre-marital coaching (I DO University)
  • Marriage coaching of all kinds
  • Relationship coaching
  • Inner healing workshops
  • Life Coaching
Relationship Enrichment
  • Unique group Date Night events (good clean fun)
  • Small group dinner dates
  • Team building events for couples
  • Couple fitness classes
  • Couples community service opportunities`
Couple Growth & Education
  • Marriage seminars/workshops/conferences
  • Only men group seminars
  • Only women group seminars
  • Wknd retreats
Online Resources
  • Informative Website
  • Facebook group for member interaction, idea sharing and more
  • Prayer request board


Our Board of Directors

Leticia Perez, CEO
(Chief ‘Encouragement’ Officer)

Al Perez, President

Jim & Pam Duran, Board Members

Gene & Becky Marin, Board Members

Ron Conti  Linda Conti  20150428_071348-1

Legacy Board Members Ron & Linda Conti, Clark Gorrell

Our Facility

The MarriageWell Coaching Center & Headquarters is located at 534 High Point Dr. Ventura, CA 93003

We moved into our new facility in May 2018. It’s a beautiful facility that houses our admin. offices, several coaching rooms and a peaceful private outdoor space.


Advertising & Sponsorship

Advertise with MarriageWell via our website, Facebook page, on printed event tickets and more…. Contact us for details at info@marriagewell.org.

Sponsor events or donate to our scholarship fund that allows those couples in need to attend MarriageWell events or receive services. All donations are tax deductible.